Website Design

Website's designed for the new world. Good crisp and clean designs, no clutter or un-needed programs. When a consumer lands on your site, they should enjoy the experience. They shouldn't have to search for what brought them there in the first place. They shouldn't be assaulted by all kinds of strange and swirling graphics, and they shouldn't have to download, or update a program to see your site. If they are looking for something, chances are very likely they will just click to the next site. I keep this in mind when I design.....LEARN MORE

Logo & Graphic design

I offer free revisions because I want to get it right for you, and for your business. I listen to what you want and do not stop working until you are satisfied, making you, in effect, the leader of our team until you have the perfect logo. I design custom logos that are bold, memorable and appropriate to your profession and target audience. Designs that last and can be registered or trademarked..... LEARN MORE

Publishing Agent

So you have written a book. Your life long dream! But what do you do now? Meet with me for a free consult. I can help you develope a marketing strategy. Compile your book into an ebook, and get the ball rolling. I will advertize and market for you leaving you free to enjoy, or to work on your next project. I do this all for a percentage of sales. If you don't make money, I don't make money...LEARN MORE