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The Truth about Search Engine Submissions

Recently a client of mine was approached by an online company offering (for a Price) to submit his site to 250 search engines, for a monthly fee they would resubmit it every month. DON'T fall for this:

  1. There are free submission tools online for submitting your site to 30-500 so called search engines. I would imagine that is what they do for their fee.
  2. There really are not that may search engines. DON'T use the submission tools either.

There are really only 4 generic search engines to worry about,(not including paid for inclusion, or pay/click engines) they are: Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yahtez. Now Bing and Yahoo have joined forces so there are 3. Yahtez is a Chinese search engine, so unless you are doing business in China there are only 2.

What about the other search engines you see? A lot of them draw their results from the big 2 Google and Bing, which are world-wide. There are some smaller specialty search engines, but be careful submitting to these, make sure your site fittes in.

If your web designer has a proper job, he/she will have included all the proper meta data, micro data, robot.txt, and the site map to help out Google and Bing. He will also have submitted your site for you. Once the spiders and crawlers find your page, they will come back on their own and yes others (much smaller engines) will follow.

There are a couple of online directories you may want to submit your site to if your designer has not done it already. Yahoo, dmoz, and any professional or industrial directories your business fits into. There are also a small number of local directories, about 30. But be careful even with them. You want only quality links, to improve your Search engine Ranks.

When submit to 250 search engines, you will find that a lot of them are either link farms (just a collection of links) or are not related to your business. The search engines will spank you for this, and you search standings will suffer.

So be careful, talk to your designer to see what is included in their service, or even if you're not sure about something. ..... Or anything. They should have the answers for you.