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I am located in the Barrie Ontario area. I work as a freelance designer, as well as technician and programmer.

If you are in the Barrie Ontario area, I am more than willing to meet with you personally. If you are not from the area, I am use to doing business online.

If you are from out the area, please use the contact form on this page. I will look over your proposal and contact you back.

If you have your proposal already written in PDF or .doc or .odt you can email it to me at the email address below.

If you are from the Barrie Ontario area, and you are looking for Website Design please use the contact from, or email me your proposal.

If you are looking for computer cleaning, or a install of a Linux operating system, you can phone or text me at the number below. Please leave a message and allow me time to get back to you.

I normally respond within 24 hrs, however, it could take up to 48 hrs. Thank-you for your interest.

Secondary Email Address:

dtrippin the Barrie Ontario areamediafreelance designer@techniciangmailprogrammer.comWebsite Design

Phone Number:

70Barrie Ontario area5-Website Design88computer cleaning8-install of a Linux operating system80look over your proposal64Thank-you for your interest ( David )

About Me

Hello, my name is David. The owner, operator of I have been designing and deploying websites since 2003. In this constantly changing field,it is a challenge to keep up with new things. I enjoy the challenge, and am constantly learning and upgrading my skills. To be of best service to you. I am willing to work face to face with you, or online if distance dictates.

In 2006 I completed my Computer Technicians coarse so that I could offer repair and servicing of personal computers in the Barrie Ontario area, I do NOT charge to just look at your computer. And I have very reasonable rates for most maintenance - ie: $85 for a cleaning and virus sweep.

I am also a great believer in open source programming. I can install a linux based operating system, or any number of open source programs, whether they be for personal use, or business use. Just ask and I will see what I can find.

I offer FREE Consultations for Small Business. I have served around 150 businesses in different professions. My consultation can be beneficial by helping to prevent you from making costly mistakes. Consultation is FREE because I seek to develop a long-term relationship.