Custom Web Design, Programming, and Computer maintenance
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The Linux Operating System

I install Linux Mint. It will feel instantly familiar to Windows users. It looks and works a lot like Windows XP . Linux Mint provides instant familiarity to Ubuntu users as well.

Linux Mint can still be installed on old computers you have sitting in your garage. You only need 512MBs of RAM to run it, although 1GB is recommended. You can fit Mint on a 10GB hard-drive, although 20GB is recommended.

As for a display you can run it on 1024x768 resolution or even lower if you don't mind using the ALT key to drag windows with the mouse.

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Basic Linux Tools

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Programs That Come With

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There are any number of other programs that can be added to Linux, for just about any application. Programs from accounting, to streaming. Feel free to ask, I can find or tweak to suit your needs.

Linux Mint can also run many programs designed for Microsoft Windows (such as Microsoft Office), using the Wine Windows compatibility layer software for Linux, or virtualization software, including VMware Workstation and VirtualBox, or KVM (Kernel based Virtual Machine, built into the Linux kernel) hypervisor using Virtual Machine Manager.

Contact me for more info.

About Me

Hello, my name is David. The owner, operator of I have been designing and deploying websites since 2003. In this constantly changing field,it is a challenge to keep up with new things. I enjoy the challenge, and am constantly learning and upgrading my skills. To be of best service to you. I am willing to work face to face with you, or online if distance dictates.

In 2006 I completed my Computer Technicians coarse so that I could offer repair and servicing of personal computers in the Barrie Ontario area, I do NOT charge to just look at your computer. And I have very reasonable rates for most maintenance - ie: $85 for a cleaning and virus sweep.

I am also a great believer in open source programming. I can install a linux based operating system, or any number of open source programs, whether they be for personal use, or business use. Just ask and I will see what I can find.

I offer FREE Consultations for Small Business. I have served around 150 businesses in different professions. My consultation can be beneficial by helping to prevent you from making costly mistakes. Consultation is FREE because I seek to develop a long-term relationship.